Best Ventless Gas Log 2022

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Best Ventless Gas Log Consumer Reports

Are you looking for a Best Ventless Gas Log for 2022?  Standing in front of the gas fireplace sounds like a great way to warm up after coming in from the cold. It is possible to create a realistic fireplace that looks like a natural flame in your home. If you want to use it in a large room, don’t hesitate. There is a perfect connection between them.

The best ventless gas log should have a high quality design, easy to use controls, and an attractive appearance.

The best ventless gas logs are designed with safety in mind, and they come with a variety of features such as flame-retardant materials, automatic shut offs, and adjustable heat settings. They also include a remote control for convenience.

We tested more than 25 best Ventless Gas Logs in the market and shortlist the 10 Best Ventless Gas Logs to create this Best Ventless Gas Log for 2022. By comparing consumer reviews and ratings, you can discover some of the best ventless gas logs that will reduce your heating costs and make your home more comfortable.

10 Best Ventless Gas Logs Consumer Report 2022

The following article lists the top 10 ventless gas logs of 2021 on consumer reviews.

1. Natural Glo – Best Large Gas Log Sets


If you want to feel the warmth that you’ve always wanted, install a high-quality fireplace. Providing the right amount of warmth is the goal of each Natural Glo log. This is the most popular type of fireplace log. Due to their realistic appearance and perfect size, they distinguish themselves from other products.

Those who admire these logs most appreciate the ceramic construction. Many buyers have been attracted to their products thanks to their durability, which is a clear sign of their high quality. It is one of the best in the market.

They are all between 10 and 15 inches in size. You have the option to stack these or stagger them according to your own taste. Additionally, these come in more than four designs.

  • Fumes that are non-toxic
  • Stunningly realistic appearance
  • Effect of burning that is realistic
  • Design and size variations
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • The fireplace door may also let out smoke or they may smell bad when the fireplace is opened

These products are chemical-free, which is one of their major advantages. Their ceramic fibers produce heat similar to that of wood and produce no toxic fumes. These accessories will make both indoor and outdoor fireplaces look even more beautiful. You will never experience teeth chattering in the cold again with these.


2. Regal Flame – Best Ventless Gas Log in 2022

Regal Flame - Best Birch Wood Gas Fireplace Logs

The Regal Flame 5 Piece Birch Ceramic Fireplace Logs consist of one 16-inch log, one 14.5-inch log, and three 9.5-inch logs. These gas fireplaces are suitable for small to medium-sized fireplaces and come with a variety of styling options.

The gas logs by Royal Flame are beautifully designed and look like real birch wood. The logs are carefully carved to achieve authenticity. You can use such products with a wide range of fireplaces, including ventless gas, propane, ethanol, and zero-clearance fireplaces.

  • Your fireplace will look unique with a birch finish
  • Authenticity has been added to the logs by some hot spots
  • Gas fireplaces and fire pits are nearly universally compatible with this product
  • Larger fireplaces are not recommended
  • It is possible for logs to darken after being used


3. Barton – Best Wood Gas Fireplace Logs Set


A ceramic log made by Barton looks and feels like a Birchwood log. These fireplaces have an amazing look and are compatible with different types of log set fireplaces. This set of logs consists of nine distinct logs. They differ in shape and design. It is convenient to stack up this way, allowing for creative stacking.

Their products also include ceramics. It is well known that they can endure for a lifetime. Furthermore, the best part is that they are nontoxic. Here, you or your family are not exposed to toxic emissions from all sorts of sources.

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The hot spots are orange/red, as opposed to similar products. They can be used indoors or outdoors, which is great. It is a pro product.

  • Use with no risk
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Suitable for a variety of fireplace types
  • Nine logs in a set
  • Different designs and sizes
  • Wood finish: Birchwood
  • Red/orange hotspots in real life
  • Darken over time

This will set you apart from the crowd. These will not disappoint and are constructed of high-quality materials. You will be glad you did if you try it even if you do not fully believe it.


4. Pleasant Hearth – Best Ventless Gas Log

Pleasant Hearth - Best Ventless Gas Log Consumer Reports

Designed for homeowners seeking a vent-free gas log set, the Valley Oak Series VFL-VO30DR by Pleasant Hearth is one of the best options available. The logs and heating elements in this set are compatible with propane and natural gas.

This set has logs that appear authentic. The system has the ability to provide up to 33,000 BTUs of heat to a room up to 1,100 square feet in size. In the event of a power outage, this can be used as a backup heating solution.

  • The system does not require electricity
  • Small houses can be heated efficiently with these types of boilers
  • Unlike other sets, this set has a heating element as well
  • The system is more expensive than log sets
  • Professional installation may be required


5. Goplus – Best Gas Fireplace Logs


You’ve never decorated your fireplace easier than you can now with the Goplus fireplace. They are therefore the best ventless logs set worldwide, with a very natural appearance. There are 9 pieces in each set, ranging in size, shape, and design. These can be used in most fireplaces because their sizes range from 2 to 8.99 inches.

The different variations, and in turn, fosters creativity. They can be stacked more easily this way. It contributes to a more natural look.

The best thing about these logs sets is that they are harmless. They do not emit any fumes. There is no risk of harm to you and your family with these non-toxic products. Each of them weighs 1.6 pounds and has an orange and red glow.

  • Sizes ranging from 2 to 9 inches
  • Various shapes and designs
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Clean burning
  • Finished in real wood
  • Materials made of ceramics
  • The purpose of these is purely decorative

These are made from a surprising ceramic material. Their productivity to withstand time has been proved. Your fireplace or fire pit will be enhanced with the addition of this ventless gas log set. These are the choices you need to select.


6. Peterson Real – Best Ventless Gas Log in 2022

Peterson Real- Best Ventless Gas Log Consumer Reports

This set features a vented burner and is made by Peterson. Natural gas can be used to power this fireplace gas log set. It is ideal for medium to large size fireplaces due to the length of the logs at their longest point being approximately 24″.

There is no need to buy each element separately because this set of logs comes with the burner. It has very small details to create an authentic look. Stacking the logs provides ease of installation.

  • Burners are included
  • It is convenient to light the fireplace with matches
  • There is no evidence of tampering with the logs
  • For medium-sized to large rooms, it does not produce enough heat
  • Professional installation may be required


7. Stanbroil – Best 10 Piece Logs Decorative Wood


Its size will range from 10 to 14.99 inches, depending on your requirements. This set of 10 gas logs features realistic-looking shapes, sizes, and designs. With this variety, you can show off your creativity. It is easy to create arrangements that suit your aesthetic preferences.

It is perfect for use indoors and outdoors, being lightweight and completely safe. They are also suitable for various types of fireplaces because of their size. The price of the product is reasonable as compared with the quality of the product.

It would not be harmful to the environment in any way if these products were used. There are no toxic emissions, fumes, or soot when they are burned.

  • Suitable for all types of fireplaces
  • Material made of durable ceramics
  • Between 10 and 15 inches in size
  • Effect of natural burning
  • Emissions or fumes are not produced
  • Wood replicas that are foolproof
  • With time, they become darker in color

This is one of the reasons the ceramic logs look so realistic since they glow without a doubt. Like real gas wood logs, these have red spots. Is there anything on your mind at the moment? The ventless logs will make your fireplace glow instantly.


8. Youlian – Best Ventless Gas Log in 2022

YOULIAN FIREPLACE - Best Ventless Gas Log Consumer Reports

Yulian Fireplace logs sets are difficult to resist. With their unique finish with perfect size, these fireplace logs sets are in a league of their own. Various applications can be found for these items. Your fireplace can be easily decorated regardless of whether it is indoors or outside.

It weighs only 1.48 pounds per log in this set. Logs vary in size and shape. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world in large part because of its beauty. The user can also arrange them more easily.

  • Toxin-free combustion
  • A very positive outlook
  • Ceramic logs of different sizes
  • Material made of durable ceramics
  • Suitable for all fireplace types
  • You may not be able to completely fill your fireplace with a single pack

You aren’t even at the risk of getting sick from these. The flames or fumes from these candles are not toxic, unlike incandescent candles. Everyone will enjoy this high-quality log set. They promise to provide a new view of the world, so you should take them now.


9. Hmleaf – Best Pieces Wood Gas Logs


These fireplace logs from Hmleaf offer enhanced realism for any fireplace. Ceramic logs offer a more natural burning experience than wood logs, and you get eight of them. Furthermore, the orange-red flames of these firework displays are visually striking.

There are 13 pieces ranging in size from 6 to 12.99 inches and weighing 2.64 pounds each. You read it correctly. What is the reason for this variation? There are several ways to mimic a natural unique look, including the use of a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

  • Eight-piece set
  • The size varies
  • As if they were made of wood.
  • Fumeless burning
  • A lifetime of memories
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Those who are sensitive to the smell may not be able to tolerate it

They are also popular because they are clean to burn. These frames do not harm the environment or humans. Alternatively, you can burn them randomly or in an orderly manner to make them seem like real logs.


10. Duluth Forge – Best Ventless Gas Log

DULUTH FORGE - Best Ventless Gas Log Consumer Reports

You will never feel your fireplace is empty again when you add the Ember Log kit from Duluth Forge. These pieces are hand-made from concrete embers and feature hand-painted designs. Designed to mimic real logs, they are incredibly realistic.

There is no toxic gas emitted by these candles. They are brown in color. When these burn, your fireplace will smell wonderful. Packaged in conjunction with fireplace sets, they serve as companions to the fire. Staggering them or arranging them at random will work.

  • Make your fireplace look better
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • Highest level of realism
  • Item for decoration
  • These ceramic logs need to be used with another set of logs for a complete look

This will bring the perfect appeal and perfection that you’ve always desired. Overall, the item weighs 5.85 pounds and measures between 5 and 6 inches. Take advantage of them and transform your fireplace.


FAQs – Best Ventless Gas Log in 2022

Are these logs safe to use in enclosed fireplaces?

Specially designed to fit indoor fireplaces, these logs can be used in enclosed fireplaces. Unlike real wood, these objects burn only as decorative objects. They are safe to use because they are enclosed.

Do these log sets fit a fireplace that is 20 inches wide?

The size and quantity of logs in a log set can vary. Your fireplace will look fuller if you use 3 to 4 log sets of 2 to 6 inches each. Regardless of the number of logs you have, a set or two will suffice for a large set of logs. Calculate first and then purchase.

Are ceramic fireplace logs preferred because they are more durable?

Ceramic fibers are safe and do not burn. They do not retain heat as large a period of time as ceramic logs or refractory cement. Furthermore, it burns realistically and offers a realistic appeal.

In order to create a natural appearance, which is the best arrangement of ceramic logs?

The arrangement is entirely your responsibility. Many project ideas can be found on the internet. In addition to stacking them randomly, you can also arrange them as a group.

What kind of fumes or odor will these fireplace logs produce when burning?

These products emit no harmful fumes. While some are unpleasant to smell, others can be tolerated.

How to Choose the Best Ventless Gas Logs 2021

The fireplace logs you choose play a large role in whether your fireplace looks realistic and attractive. Homes that are affordable offer high quality, safety, warmth, and aesthetic appeal. Artificial logs can be used in place of natural logs.
In this article, you will discover their characteristics. While buying a product, you should consider these factors.


The value of safety is high among all individuals. Consider whether a particular log set emits harmful fumes before buying it.


There is no end to the design and color possibilities of log sets. These are typically wood-finished and realistic-looking. Additionally, the orange/red scorching makes these logs appear to be real wood.
The fireplace screen should match this aspect perfectly and you should not ignore it.


Gas log sets are available in both vented and also ventless versions. In fireplaces without chimneys, ventless logs are recommended. It will be partly determined by the different types of gas fireplace you choose. Take this into consideration when making your decision.


High-quality and durable materials are used to manufacture gas log sets. Manufacturers of these products use ceramic and also refractory cement. Ceramics come in a variety of types. A ceramic’s longevity makes it a coveted material. Most of them last between three and five years.


Gas Logs are a lot of fun to decorate, as there is a mixture of sizes, shapes, and designs. Smaller gas logs range from 2 to 5.99in length, while larger sets are typically 10-14.99 inches long. To select a perfect size, you must find the width of the fireplace gas set. It will be made much easier to select candidates.

Logs Sets:

Each log set consists of four, nine, or ten pieces. Despite this, a large fireplace will not be completely filled with this number.
It is recommended to purchase logs based on both their quantity and size. For a bigger fireplace, buy 2 gas sets with 4 pieces.


A fireplace is not just about logs. The logs and embers are adorned with ceramic acorns, pine cones, lava rocks, and branches. It is standard for each of these items to be sold independently, but you can order them together as well. Depending on your financial capacity, you can choose between two options.


It is not recommended to burn wood logs in fireplaces without vents. In contrast, ventless fireplace logs are suitable for virtually any type of gas fireplace. The popularity of these products increases, allowing buyers to make an informed choice.


They can be used with fireplaces of any size. This is a good option for those of natural decor.
Unlike other burners, these have a realistic appearance and look similar to a real fire. Outdoor and indoor use is possible with this highly durable product.

Following are the 3 top Ventless Gas Logs from our article Best Ventless Gas Log in 2022.

  1. NATURAL GLO is the best overall Ventless Gas Log. It has all the features you need in a pro-gas Ventless log.
  2. BARTON CERAMIC is the budget-friendly Ventless Gas Log. If you want a Budgeted gas log, then this is the perfect one.
  3. STANBROIL LARGE is the large size Ventless Log. If you do not have any issue with the budget. This Ventless is perfect.

Affordable, safe, and easy to use, these products stand out for their distinct characteristics. With his or her warmth, and natural appearance, this fireplace will add warmth and natural beauty to your home.


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