Best Deep Fryer Consumer Picks 2022

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Best Deep Fryer Consumer ReportsAre you looking for a budgeted Deep fryer? It is very difficult to find the best and budgeted deep fryer, as it is a time-consuming process. We write Best Deep Fryer for 2022 to help those who are in need of a quality deep fryer. Almost everyone loves fried food! Fried food is usually offered at diners and restaurants. You do not always need to use a separate pot or pan for frying food at home if you use a pot with hot oil that splatters.

Cooking fried foods at the right temperature is crucial in order to prevent the food from turning out greasy and burnt. If you enjoy fried foods and want to prepare them at home, buying the best deep fryer 2021 model is an excellent choice. The deep fryer allows you to deep-fry foods like French fries, sweet potato fries, fried mushrooms, and deep-fried turkey. The same holds for shrimp salad, fried shrimp, and shrimp cocktail, which are all deep-fried foods.

Before writing Best Deep Fryer reviews for 2022, we go through the 25 best deep fryers from different manufacturers and select the 10 best deep fryers. There is a wide range of deep fryers available for frying chicken or frying other foods when looking for the best deep fryer. The results of our testing of dozens of deep fryers led us to put together the list of the top 10 that will deliver excellent results each and every time. A selection of the best deep fryers has also been included.

If you enjoy seared foods, you may want to look at deep fryer consumer reports. Before you make fried foods at home, you should read our reviews if you want to find the best deep fryer.

Best Deep Fryers 2022

1. Hamilton Beach – Electric Deep Fryer [Best Overall]

2. Secura – Best Electric Deep Fryer under 50 [Budgeted]

3. KRUPS – Stainless Steel Deep Fryer  [Long Life]

4. Cuisinart – Best Electric Deep Fryer under $100 [Affordable]

5. Presto – Best Dual Basket Deep Fryer  [Modern]

6. Emeril T-fal FR8000 – Best Deep Fryer under $200 [Heavy Duty]

7. Adcraft – Best Dual Tank Electric Deep Fryer  [Big Fryer]

8. Gourmia – Best Compact Deep Fryer  [Compact]

9. Breville BDF500XL – Smart Deep Fryer under $150 [Top Consumer Choice]

10. Cuisinart 500 – Best Large Deep Fryer [Large Size]

11. HAMILTON – Best Triple Basket Deep Fryer according to Consumer Reports [Top Consumer Report Pick]

Deep fryers are perfect for making French fries, smoked fish, seared meals, and many other dishes. You can also choose what kind of oil to use when you prepare your own food and save money by not purchasing these items at a restaurant. It is relatively easy to operate a deep fryer. A number of models have adjustable temperatures so that different types of food can be browned at different temperatures.

1. Hamilton Beach – Electric Deep Fryer 2022

Hamilton Beach - Electric Deep Fryer Consumer ReportsThe Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer is a professional deep-fryer that offers a large 8-cup capacity alongside affordability. The four-chamber cooktop heats up relatively quickly as a result of its immersed electric heating element, and it can cook six cups of chicken in one session.

In addition to the temperature indicator, this Hamilton Beach deep fryer tells you when the oil has reached the optimum temperature, so you can always cook at the right temperature.

Oil spills on counters are a poor part of deep-frying, but the compact deep fryer 35021 Hamilton Beach prevents spills by using a see-through lid on top. The unit is easy to clean, even after enjoying a sumptuous feast, due to its removable heating element and lid.

  • Capacity of 8 cups
  • An unbreakable power cord
  • Easy cleaning with removable components
  • Touch-sensitive sides
  • An open window that is transparent
  • Temperature control
  • Digital controls are not included

Designed with cool-touch sides that prevent accidental burns, the 35021 deep fryer by Hamilton Beach has both a breakaway power cord and a protective cover to keep your food safe. Several tools are included for easy and quick deep-frying with the Hamilton Beach 35021 deep fryer, which has an 8-cup capacity. This deep fryer from Hamilton Beach offers almost the same features, but with a larger capacity of 12 cups.


2. Secura – Best Electric Deep Fryer under 50

Secura - Best Electric Deep Fryer under 50You can call Secura Deep Fryer the best deep fryer under $50. It has three baskets that simultaneously cook three types of foods, which have been enhanced with a Triple Basket Deep Fryer from secure.

A temperature control adjustable to 1700 watts allows you to set the temperature between 250°F and 375°F to quickly preheat the appliance. Deep fryers begin to cook food when the oil in their tanks gets hot enough. Besides the 4.2-liter removable oil tank and an extra set of odor filters, another convenient feature is the included odor filters.

  • Fry baskets made of stainless steel
  • Compatible with dishwashers
  • Auto-Timer
  • Tank for oil, 2-liters, removable
  • Both sides have a cool touch handle
  • The lid is not transparent

The Secura deep fryers contain carbon-activated filters in the fry baskets and lids to reduce odors. Many pro features including auto-timer, compatible dishwasher, and others are present in this deep fryer. The quality of the deep fryer is supreme as it is manufacture with stainless steel.


3. KRUPS – Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

KRUPS - Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Consumer ReportsIt ranks top in the list of best deep fryers under 100. Deep fryers, whether experienced or novice, will find the KRUPS KJ502D51 to be an excellent choice. A large and small kitchen can both benefit from it.

With dimensions of 17.3 inches by 14.6 inches by 13 inches and a weight of just 6.7 pounds, it is portable and weight-optimized. With its multiple cooking modes, you’ll be able to make a wide range of foods quickly and easily, including chicken nuggets, French fries, and donuts.

It’s even possible to set temperatures that suit your specific preferences for your recipes. Additionally, this device includes a viewing window, a 4.4-liter oil tank, and a filter.

  • Disassembling and storing parts is easy, including the pot
  • Temperature settings that can be manually adjusted
  • The cooking capacity of 2.6 pounds and a 5-ltr oil tank
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • 3 baskets and an odor filter in this set
  • Handles on lids could be made better

Krups deep fryer can be a perfect choice for you as it has all the features you want in a deep fryer. The deep fryer is easy to clean thanks to the three stainless-steel frying pans included. You can cook upto 2.6 pounds easily also the manual temperature setting is easy to use.


4. Cuisinart – Best Electric Deep Fryer under $100

Cuisinart - Best Electric Deep Fryer under $100In terms of its rugged construction and amount of food storage, Cuisinart is a deep fryer roughly the same as the KRUPS KJ502D51. The device has a 3.775-liter oil tank along with a 2.3-pound food capacity.

Several delectable deep-fried dishes such as chicken, vegetables and more can be cooked using this stainless-steel basket. The handle is cool-touch. Cuisinart Deep Fryer parts such as the enameled container, lid, and also frying basket can be cleaned by dispensing soapy water into the dishwasher.

  • Compatible with dishwashers
  • Heating element powered by 1800 watts
  • A 3-pound food container and a 3.77-ltr oil container are included
  • Glass lid with a transparent view
  • Cooking basket only available in one size

Featuring a view window, this fast-heating immersion oven lets you see what’s cooking! This device quickly heats up thanks to an 1800-watt heating element. The maintenance of the deep fryer is very easy.


5. Presto – Best Dual Basket Deep Fryer Presto - Best Dual Basket Deep Fryer Consumer Reports

Silver and black are available, and it comes with an LCD display that indicates when the oil temperature is at the proper level. It has six placings and can fry up to six pounds or 12 cups of food.

It includes a removable heating element that is easy to clean. Featuring an oblong shape, this item is ideal for households. Its two cooking baskets are also included.

In addition to the removable heating element for easy clean-up, this Presto Dual Basket Deep Fryer comes equipped with an oil temperature gauge that indicates when the oil temperature is ideal.

  • Immersion heater 1.8 kW
  • A thermometer with a light
  • Five different color choices
  • An oblong-shaped cooking basket
  • There is a 12-cup capacity
  • It can be messy to pour and strain the oil

An 1800-watt immersion heater enables this appliance to meet CSA UL standards very quickly. You can choose from the different color options they provide. The thermometer with light is also a pro feature.


6. Emeril T-fal FR8000 – Best Deep Fryer under $200

Emeril T-fal FR8000 - Best Deep Fryer under $200This lightweight and space-saving deep fryer, powered by 1700 watts, ensure that you do not have to sacrifice power for space. Besides the professional heating element, it also has automatic temperature control. Additionally, the oil is automatically filtered and drained into reusable containers after it has been cooled to the desired temperature.

A brushed metal design covers the pot, lid, and exterior of this deep fryer. Food that fits in the deep fryer weighs about 1.1 pounds and can be fried in 1.8 liters of oil. During shipment, this appliance will be protected by a certified frustration-free packaging program.

It comes with a 1-liter oil tank and 1.1 pounds of food capacity and can be used to fry deep-fried foods. In the case of larger quantities of oil or food, it might be more appropriate to consider the T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer. Also, it features an oil filtration system and is made of brushed metal. Furthermore, the oil container can store up to 3.5 liters of oil and 2.65 pounds of food.

T-Fal’s FR8000 Top 5 EZ Fry Basket Immersion Deep Fryer has been ranked fifth on Consumer Reports’ chart of the best deep fryers. You can receive prompt warming assistance with the help of a professional evaluation. Furthermore, it boasts a programmable temperature control mechanism, a natural wind flow system, and a reusable oil depletion holder.

  • The temperature can be adjusted
  • Oil is filtered and drained automatically
  • Metallic brushing
  • One liter of oil and one pound of food
  • Element designed for professional use
  • A single color is available

An adjustable indoor regulator lets you set the temperature where you want it. It doesn’t matter what you fry, you’ll always get a perfect crunch. It has an oil filtration system, which sets it apart from other deep fryers. A fryer depletes oil by sifting it. The separated oil is therefore retrieved from the separator and placed back into the container.


7. Adcraft – Best Deep Fryer in 2022

Adcraft – Best Dual Tank Electric Deep Fryer Consumer ReportsWhen it comes to a deep fryer that you can use both at home and in the office, you can’t go wrong with the Empura Countertop Deep Fryer. You can count on this machine to do the job whether you are serving a small or large party!

The oil tank holds 6 liters of oil and has a 15-lb capacity.
It has an overheat protection feature that is configured to shut it down if the oil temperature reaches 465 degrees F. The fryer’s temperature range is 120 degrees F to 375 degrees F.

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While these stainless steel deep fryers by Empura are designed to withstand commercial use, they weigh less than 15lbs and are powered by a 15 amp plug.

  • Both for home and business use
  • Cooks up to 15 pounds of food
  • The outlet is rated at 15 AMPS
  • A wire mesh basket and grate are included
  • 6 liters of oil capacity
  • Wires inside the thermometer are fragile

This deep-frying appliance comes with a stainless-steel cover, a nickel-plated wire mesh basket with a heat-proof handle, and a nickel wire mesh cover that keeps the heating coils in place.


8. Gourmia – Best Compact Deep Fryer in 2022

Gourmia - Best Compact Deep Fryer Consumer ReportsThis deep fryer’s double basket design allows you to fry multiple foods at once. In addition to a manual shutdown thermostat, MagPLug breakaway cables, and steady mounts, TriSafe systems eliminate spills.

Besides frying a lot and keeping the flavor of the food, the multi-deep fryer has a 4-liter frying capacity and Flavor Saver Lock technology.

  • Safety two-way system TriSafe
  • One pound in weight
  • A 2-liter enameled oil container
  • Attachable baskets include a large one and a small one
  • Glass splatter guards are transparent
  • An instruction manual is not detailed

Each Gourmia deep fryer weighs only one pound, measures 15.5 by 14.625 by 8.75 inches, and has a removable, enamel fry tank that can be cleaned easily.


9. Breville BDF500XL – Smart Deep Fryer under $150

Breville BDF500XL – Smart Deep Fryer under $150In 2015, it was rated as having a Smart Engine because its Cool Zone technology allows oil to last longer and prevent excessive oil burning. When the oil is cooled, an electronic thermostat restores its frying temperature, while a mesh filter limits or eliminates smells.

The Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer allows you to clean up conveniently after frying different foods, since its parts, including the frying basket, are dishwasher safe.

With its LCD display, it is easier to set the correct temperature and time for fresh or frozen food components with this deep fryer than other deep fryers at the same price point.

  • Technology designed to keep you cool
  • Computer-controlled LCD displays
  • Warranty of one year
  • The heating element is 3000-watts
  • A capacity of 4 quart
  • There may be an issue with the fryer basket for some users

One year manufacturer’s warranty is included with the purchase of this heating element, which features a big 3000-watt heating element that will heat up quickly. You get the most features at a fair price with the Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer.


10. Cuisinart 500 – Best Large Deep Fryer in 2022

Cuisinart 500 - Best Large Deep Fryer Consumer ReportsThis is the best deep fryer of 2021, according to Cuisinart. Cuisinart’s turkey cooker can cook a 14 lb bird in as little as an hour and with significantly less oil than a traditional fryer.

Additionally, it provides temperature controls and a timer that lasts for 120 minutes. Other foods it can be used to fry include chicken, onions, onion rings, seafood, and donuts.

  • Steam and rotisserie functions as well as frying
  • It takes one hour to cook 14 lbs of turkey
  • A thermostat that can be adjusted
  • Cool-touch stainless-steel handle on a large mesh basket
  • Timers with a 120-minute duration
  • Has a larger footprint than other models

Featuring a cool-touch handle, this ceramic cooker has a large mesh basket that can be used for steamed food or rotisserie cooking, allowing you to cook different foods.


11. HAMILTON – Best Triple Basket Deep Fryer According to Consumer Reports

HAMILTON - Best Triple Basket Deep Fryer Consumer ReportsOne of Consumer Reports’ top deep fryers is the Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer. Oil can be heated efficiently with its drench heating system. People who are concerned about their health should learn how to cook like a pro.

Deep fryers usually come with two large and one small container. Large families will find it ideal due to its size.

This deep fryer makes it easy to heat up oil quickly with its drench warming feature. This enables you to prepare perfect meals in less time.

  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Easily gathered
  • Prepare and cook two foods at the same time
  • Limit is extremely high
  • No framework for oil filtration
  • This is not a daily use product

Customer reviews also describe this deep fryer as having an indoor regulator and a clock. A wonderful fresh breeze can certainly be obtained with the right temperature setting.


Deep Fryer Buying Guide 2021

Electric deep fryers and propane deep fryers are the most common types of deep fryers. However, air fryers cook food with different technology, so they are a whole different story.


If you are choosing the best deep fryer, it is important to consider how many servings you will serve. Do you want to cook whole turkeys or chickens for your large party or do you want quick snacks for your guests?


When it comes to buying appliances, safety should always be a priority, and propane-powered deep fryers tend to be less safe than electric models.

If you use either type of deep fryer, be sure to read all directions prior to using it to prevent any hazards. Additionally, some deep fryers have detachable power cords that prevent them from falling over if they are accidentally pulled.

Built-in thermostat:

On the display of a deep fryer, the temperature can be tracked and adjusted. The process is easier with a built-in thermometer, although you can use a separate one.

Adjustable Temperature:

It is advisable to choose a deep fryer with easy temperature adjustment if you are frying chicken and other foods.

Non-stick interior:

Deep fryer cleaning isn’t always easy, but the non-stick interior sure makes things easier.

Digital controls vs. manual controls:

You can control a deep fryer’s functions through a digital control panel integrated into the machine. You can set some models to suit your tastes and adjust them according to your preferences.


There are 10+ choices listed on this list of best deep fryers consumer reports 2022 for a home that will not disappoint you or your guests when it comes to preparing deep-fried items at home that are on par with restaurant quality. With several sizes and a variety of features, we offer deep fryers in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what size and features you might need, we can meet your needs. Following are the top 3 best deep fryers from the above list.

  1. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is top on our best 3 lists. It is budget-friendly deep fryer and has all the feature which a pro deep fryer needs. It is also an Amazon choice in the deep fryer list.
  2. Secura Deep Fryer is in second place on our list. It is an ideal Deep fryer for anyone who wants a reasonable deep fryer machine for home use.
  3. Adcraft Deep Fryer is 3rd on our list. It is a heavy-duty deep fryer. It is a big size machine and ideal for commercial use also.

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