Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports 2021

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Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer ReportsAre you in search of a budgeted water filter? Residential water filters can be bought for less if you do a little research. The right filters for your needs without draining your pocket are available. Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports provide a list of the best water filters available online.

There are times when research is not feasible for everyone. For this reason, we tested the 23 best water filters and select 11 whole house water filters to help you find the right water filtration system or filter for your unique situation. A filtration system should be tested for contaminants before purchase to determine what it should remove.

How To Check And Clean Water:

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports should be available on the website of your state or town if you use communal water.

There are many ways that you can test the quality of water if you are using water from a private well or are unsure of its quality.

The easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to determine whether the water is safe is to use your own senses. If the water is cloudy or contains particles, it is not suitable for drinking or showering. Several contaminants, including chloramines, irons, and sulfurs, can cause a strongly spoiled taste or aroma. Foods contaminated with chemical elements such as mercury, cadmium, or lead may also contain these elements.

Water quality testing kits can also be used to test the water at home. It is easy to find these kits in a local store or online. In the presence of contaminants in your water, the strips can change color. Sometimes, they are able to tell you how badly your water is contaminated and whether or not it has contaminants.

The methods mentioned above are unfortunately not very reliable. The substances they identify are not very diverse. When contamination can be detected, it’s nearly impossible to determine its exact levels.

It’s best to send your water to a lab that’s state-certified in your area in order to get a reliable result. Laboratory listings for the US are available through the EPA. Tests for the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR) can also be performed in EPA-approved laboratories.

10 Best Whole House Water Filters Consumer Reports

1. Berkey – Best Water Filter [Best Overall]

2. Home Master – Best Reverse Osmosis Filter System [Big Size]

3. Culligan FM-15A – Advance Water Filter [Advance]

4. Home Master – Best 3 Stage Water Filter Consumer Report [Multi Stage]

5. Aquagear – Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports [Economical]

6. Home Master – Best Under Sink Hydro Perfection Water Filter [Bigger Size]

7. Fleck 5600SXT – Best Grain Water Softener [Consumer Choice]

8. AquaHomeGroup – Best Water Filter Consumer Reports [Budgeted]

9. Sawyer Products – Best Squeeze Water Filtration [Mini Filter]

10. SweetWay – Best Portable Filter Consumer [Portable]

11. Intex – Best Krystal Clear Filter Pump [Pool filter]

1. Berkey – Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports

Berkey - Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer ReportsFluoride and arsenic filters are also available, as well as Black Berkey purification elements that are certified by state and federal labs as meeting NSF international Standard 53.

It is estimated that these elements can eliminate 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria including E. coli. They claim to remove red food dye mechanically, a trait that is not common among filters.
That’s the promise it makes.

Water is processed slowly by the Big Berkey since efficacy is paramount. In general, it takes one to two hours to finish two gallons of liquid. Each cup can be filtered in approximately 3 minutes. Faster than Internet Explorer, as a matter of fact. Its water is still of exceptional quality despite that. You will be fine for the whole day with a refilled drink every evening.

  • Transportable
  • Reduces metals, chemicals, and fluoride
  • Materials that are durable
  • Lifelong filtering
  • The bottle is stainless steel
  • Manually filled
  • Replacement time is tracked manually

The replacement of filters on this system is a bit more difficult than with simple filters, which are simply tossed away and replaced. It is important to keep careful notes on how often each filter element should be changed since filter elements last differently. The situation, however, does not require too much concern. Filter replacements are widely available on Amazon. Plus, Berkey PF-2 Elements require new replacement most often, and they can handle 1000 gallons before any replacement is needed.


2. Home Master – Best Reverse Osmosis Filter System 2021

Home Master - Best Reverse Osmosis Filter SystemWhen you use that water to cook, your family will consume more water. Drinking and cooking both require nearly three gallons of water, according to observations. Filter pitchers or countertop filters that require constant refilling may still suffice, but it is tedious. This water filter needs to be larger.

Reverse-osmosis water is one of the best for drinking. Filtration by these devices can remove most contaminants from water. There are a number of chemicals that could adversely affect your health, such as heavy metals and chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and herbicides.

Home Master’s under sink RO system provides contaminated-free and purified water. With it, you will receive a reverse osmosis membrane, a pre-filter, and a post-filter. The Home Master Artesian reverse osmosis system purifies and enhances water in seven stages. While the super-strong membrane adds healthy minerals twice to the water throughout the purification process, it also protects the tank by reducing liquid losses, which in turn increases the water’s alkalinity.

The permeate pump is another feature that makes Home Master systems unique. Typical RO systems have a 4:1 or 5:1 water to waste ratio, but this can be reduced to 1:1 with effective RO. This system’s pump also helps the system to run fast with certain conditions met, it is capable of producing 75 gallons of purified water per day, or one cup per minute.

  • Exceptionally effective at removing contaminants
  • After filtration, mineral health is restored
  • Water waste is low
  • Maintenance is easy
  • NSF International manufacturer
  • Installation requires space under the sink
  • Unless you’re familiar with basic drilling, you may need a pro to install

When a large amount of water is needed at once, its 3.2-gallon storage tank makes it convenient to use. Fast water processing makes it convenient to use for families of 3 to 6 people. It’s typically a more difficult task to install RO filters on a tap, such as a countertop or tap-mounted variants because of the need for drilling and wrenching. However, maintenance isn’t as difficult as it seems. Simple to change in minutes, a modular filter only needs to be changed once per year.


3. Culligan FM-15A – Advance Water Filter

Culligan FM-15A - Advance Water FilterAre you irritated by the smell of water from the tap? Your predicament might be resolved quickly and effectively with this Culligan FM-15A filter. Filters can be left off in situations where you do not require filtered water. Due to its attachment to the faucet, this device is likely to be used in numerous ways.

Water filter Culligan FM-15A attaches to your faucet and is small, compact, and convenient. Tap water can be filtered through this NSF-certified device to eliminate chlorine. Also, the water produced by this machine is tasteless.

This filter can not only remove lead and rust, but also dirt, sand, and sediment particles outside of 0.5 microns. A human red blood cell has a diameter of approximately 5 – 8 microns.

Freshwater is produced almost immediately by this filter. You may experience a reduction in water pressure at first, but you should be able to get a cup of filtered water within 30 seconds. Even a complete newbie will be able to install the faucet within 5 minutes. This is also why the thing is sometimes used as a traveling companion when a water snob wants to ensure that they have access to quality water wherever they go.

  • It is portable, ideal for dorms and apartments
  • Installation is simple
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective
  • Leaks easily
  • Doesn’t handle a lot of water

Unlike most tap-mount filters, it has a smaller size and is prone to leakage. Its lifetime is limited to 200 gallons. It would be necessary to replace the filter at least once every month for a household of two to three people. More than three people might be too much to maintain. From constant switching, unfiltered water can get into filtered water, contaminating it. The problem most commonly affects tap-mounted filters.


4. Home Master – Best 3 Stage Water Filter Consumer Report 2021

Home Master - Best 3 Stage Water Filter Consumer Report

An excellent water filtration system that meets this need is offered by Home Master, an NSF-listed brand. Home Master’s HMF3SDGFEC treats well water specifically. Each of the cartridges represents a different filtration stage.

In the first step of the filtration process, a multi gradient density filter removes particles as small as one micron, such as iron, manganese, sediment, chemical, and other contaminants from water.

Through a special filter, you then remove an iron concentration of no more than 3ppm. We use as little metal as possible so as not to irritate the skin or damage the plumbing system. Furthermore, this filter removes chemicals from the water as well as chemical taste and smell.

  • The ability to reduce iron and other sediments
  • Water smells and tastes better
  • Water pressure is not affected significantly
  • Installation is simple
  • Pathogenic organisms are not destroyed

There is no drop in water pressure since the cartridges are large (100,00 gallons). The filter can be used by families of four without requiring any maintenance. However, this system does not necessarily kill all microorganisms or chemicals within the water it filters. Water from this well is clean enough to use for showering, as long as it’s not dangerously contaminated. An RO under sink filter or a strong countertop filter will, however, be needed to filter drinking water.


5. Aquagear – Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports

Aquagear - Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer ReportsYou can choose the kind of water filter to use for specific purposes based on how clean your water is and how much contamination your water has. The fact that a filter’s filtration method and capabilities will differ as well as its size, location, and manner of installation can sometimes make it hard to select exactly which one you need. It would be helpful if there were some recommendations or reviews.

Despite costing almost triple what Brita or Pur filters cost, Aquagear will keep topping the charts of water pitcher filters. Five-stage filters can handle 150 gallons of drinking water during their lifetimes. During one half year, the turtle lives for a long time. The average life expectancy of some products is about 2 to 3 months.

This US-made, five-stage filter meets and exceeds NSF standard 42 for improved water taste and smell, though it is not certified by NSF, but by an independent laboratory. As a result of it meeting standard 53 on lead removal, this pitcher has a unique feature. Although the cartridge is small, it filters water to eliminate fluoride, chloramine, mercury, and a host of other contaminants.

Pollutants are trapped in the small pores of 2-micron filters that pass through water. One gallon of water can be stored in the pitcher at a time – the average amount of water one person drinks each day. The lid of the pitcher includes a pressure valve, so you can quickly and easily refill it, whether you’ve got a big family or not. Material complies with the DPA’s food-grade standards and is BPA-free and recyclable.

  • Materials that are DPA-approved and free of BPA
  • Water is fluoridated, chlorinated, and mercury-free
  • Lifelong filtering
  • Guaranteed for life – replace if damaged

  • It must be filled manually
  • Ideal for small families
  • Filter life not indicated

One thing to remember is that while the pitcher filter works well for tap water, it may not work so well with well water. We will discuss the importance of larger and stronger filters in this article about Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports in order to filter well water properly.

It takes 1.5 minutes per cup of water to filter in the 8-cup Aquagear pitcher, so it is ideal for households with three or fewer people. You will be able to enjoy clean and fresh water all the time without worrying about installations or unnecessary expenses.


6. Home Master – Best Under Sink Hydro Perfection Water Filter

Home Master - Best Under Sink HydroPerfection Water FilterHome Master’s Artesian filters have been upgraded to the TMHP Hydro Perfection. Pre- and post-carbon filters, as well as reverse osmosis membranes, are included in Home Master Under-Sink RO units. Hydro Perfection’s iron filtration materials are necessary for well water filters.

Generally, water from private wells contains more pathogens and is, therefore, more dangerous. It is safer than tap water, which contains chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines.

Hydra Perfection supplies water that is free from microorganisms (germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.) that have passed through the RO membrane. You cannot get distilled water closer to this quality of water than with this water.

  • Removes pathogens and contaminants effectively
  • Filters water and re-mineralizes it
  • Water waste is low
  • Maintenance is simple
  • NSF International Manufacturer product
  • Bulky, requires installation space
  • Professional assistance may be needed

Remineralization is still possible in this system. Two calcium and magnesium additives are added to water in order to improve taste and prevent tank degradation: before the water enters the tank for tank preservation, and before the water reaches the faucet for anti-corrosion purposes. With filtered water, you get a much fresher and “sweeter” taste than with regular RO water.

Hydro Perfection RO filter systems reduce water wastage by 80% because the permeate pump works like an artesian filter. The filter is designed as a canister. The filters are integrated into the housing to improve hygiene and make replacement easier.


7. Fleck 5600SXT – Best Grain Water Softener

Fleck 5600SXT - Best Grain Water SoftenerDo you suffer from chronic dry skin after taking a shower, and are you tired of cleaning up yellow stains from the bottom of your tub? By installing a water softener or filter, the problem can be solved.

It is an NSF-certified salt-based water softener Pentair 5600sxt-48k-10. The capacity is high (48,00 grains). It gets rid of water hardness by using an ion-exchange process.

Hard water can cause your skin and hair to dry out and become irritated, and you may also experience damage to your pipes and water appliances due to limescale, which develops as a result of hard water usage. Hard water will leave an irritating white film on your tiles and water-cleaning surfaces when you do this.

  • Softens hard water and reduces skin and hair irritation
  • Requires scheduling regeneration as well as water use-based regeneration
  • Resin with extra durability
  • Long-term economics
  • A pre-filter would enhance the effect

This softener is equipped with a flow meter, so it can regenerate at the appropriate times, as well as provide information about the amount of water it consumes each day. This method can save salt as well as water. The time interval during which it regenerates can also be set. Chemically treated communal water is enhanced in durability by a 10% crosslink resin.


8. AquaHomeGroup – Best Water Filter Consumer Reports

AquaHomeGroup - Best Water Filter Consumer ReportsThe softening power of an integrated filtration system cannot be matched by this filter. With AquaHomeGroup’s filters, hard water problems such as hair loss or skin irritation are easy to resolve (and less expensive than other solutions).

This small showerhead filter treats water in 15 stages. The cartridge contains sediment filters, KDF 55, activated carbon, calcium sulfite, and super porous ceramic balls. By reducing chlorine, heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium), bacteria, and pesticides, a chlorine treatment system is able to reduce the amount of those contaminants. The filtration material inhibits fungus growth, therefore, the water can be used for showers.

Supplementing the shower water with minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients increases the negative ions and oxygen levels. As a result, your hair and skin will be moisturized effectively.

  • Produces safe shower water by reducing contaminants
  • Vitamin C enhances hair and skin
  • Easily installed, affordable, and portable
  • Softens water only slightly

There will be no quick results, however. After the first few sessions, most users experienced reduced skin itching and hair loss. However, it doesn’t hurt to try.


9. Sawyer Products – Best Squeeze Water Filter

Sawyer Products - Best Squeeze Water FilterThe lack of clean water in remote locations poses a problem for backpackers. Bottled water is not an overly overwhelming item to carry in your bags. The sources of natural diarrhea can include lakes and springs, which can contain parasites and bacteria that cause diarrhea.

Similar situations do you find yourself in? You might find it helpful to use travel filters. The Sawyer Squeeze Filter is your best companion when backpacking in the woods, in the mountains, or anywhere you cannot guarantee the quality of the water.

  • Cleans water extremely well
  • Filter life is long
  • Convenient, lightweight, and portable
  • Water can be filtered quickly
  • Water can’t be processed at once
  • The virus can’t be destroyed

Freshwater can be cleaned with such a filter so that 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, cysts, and other contaminants are removed. Salmonella, E. coli, Giardia, and Vibrio cholera. As far as size goes, the filter is 9.5 by 4 by 3.5 inches and is the same size as a book light or brush. Even though it processes extremely quickly, it can filter 540 gallons of clean water per day. A village can survive on this amount of water for a whole day. We will have to squeeze hundreds of times.


10. Sweetway – Best Portable Filter Consumer

Travel Water Filter – Best Portable Filter ConsumerYou can store more clean water in your car or van if you travel by car. You will, however, be better off bringing a large filter that will produce drinkable water on the road when you’re on a long trip.

You should definitely consider the Travel Berkey if you are in this position. This Travel Berkey has the same features as its countertop counterpart. It filters out fluoride, arsenic, and other toxic impurities from the water. These can reportedly remove many pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites. In addition to removing harmful chemicals, they can conserve volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Water that is safe and clean
  • Transportable
  • Water is processed at once in a sufficient amount
  • Bottle is made of stainless steel
  • Time for replacement must be manually recorded

The stainless steel chambers can hold 1.5 gallons at a time of water and can be filled with up to two gallons at a time. To stay properly hydrated, three individuals would require about 3 liters of water daily. Make sure you replace the parts every 1,000 to 6,000 gallons when they wear out.


11. Intex – Best Krystal Clear Filter Pump

Intex - Best Krystal Clear Filter PumpAlmost all families rely on water for their daily needs. In order to remove dirt, sediment, and algae, a highly effective filtration system is required.

The 10-inch filter has a powerful motor that delivers 2,100 gallons per hour of water flow. Additionally, the timer makes sure your pool runs continuously without much effort from you.

The device is equipped with a sand chamber that helps remove debris, algae, and sediments from water. Sand is the cheapest filter, needing to be replaced only every five years.

  • Water filter that is strong and fast
  • Maintenance is minimal
  • Controllable and affordable
  • Large in size

This is the only type of maintenance you will need to worry about. Through a simple valve adjustment, the machine will handle rinsing, backwashing, draining, and recirculating. Clean, fresh water could be used to fill 18-thousand-gallon pools.



In searching for the best whole house water filter, we hope our review proves helpful. Here, you’ll find options that address filtration needs for private wells as well as municipal water sources.

The filtration systems listed above differ in price and capacity, so you can choose one that meets your needs.
Water that is purified by municipal utilities may still contain contaminants. It may also contain chlorine, a disinfectant. In addition to removing a great deal of chlorine, whole-house filtration systems also remove other impurities, chemicals, and contaminations, as well as microorganisms.

This article Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports covers a wide variety of filters that provide what the product or system claims to do. They are well-liked by those who use them. Different types of filtration remove different kinds of contaminants.

Following are the 3 best whole house water filters from Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports 2021:

  1. Berkey is top on our list, as it has all the features you need in a water filter. The price is slightly high, but the quality and features justify the price of the water filter.
  2. Home Master is a multi-stage water filter. It filters the water in 3 Stages.
  3. Aquagear is the best option if you are looking for a budgeted water filter. It is the best budget-friendly water filter as per Best Whole House Water Filter Consumer Reports

Choose one that fits your requirements after carefully reading the descriptions. There are home water test kits available in the market which, with an evaluation process taking less than 30 minutes (most), let you choose the right product for your needs.

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