Best Grill Cover in 2022

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You’ve ordered the grill of your dreams, purchased a few added accessories, and even found recipes to make your steak dinner routine as flavorful as summer can be. One more item you need to buy before grilling burgers and lighting a fire if you want to keep your barbecue setup protected through barbecue season and beyond. We researched hours before writing Best Grill Cover in 2022 article.

You can maintain the beauty and performance of your new grill by using a grill cover, extending its lifespan, and preventing Mother Nature from damaging it. This will not only prevent rain and snow from damaging your unit, but will also prevent airborne contaminants like tree sap, pollen, dust, and dirt from affecting your cooking surface. We tested 19 Best Grill Cover in order to select the 9 best grill covers.

Best Grill Cover Consumer Reports

Grill covers with UV-resistant coatings can prevent the fabric from cracking when left in direct sunlight for long periods. Material such as vinyl, polyester, nylon, and canvas are often the best choices for grill covers. If it is protected and properly cared for, the cover will last for many years.

When selecting a grill cover, it is important to consider the size and shape of the grill. A grill cover should always be a bit bigger than your grill, but in order to simplify your search, we selected many top choices, including options that are specially constructed for particular grill models, so you don’t have to spend the time researching and measuring.

9 Best Grill Covers Consumer Reports of 2021

Grills are breeding grounds for wild animals and can accumulate debris if they remain outdoors all year long.
By using a grill cover outside or when storing your grill, you will protect it from the elements.
There are many different types of covers for grills, some of which are made to fit particular models.

Find out what we found after hours of research.

1. Veranda – BBQ Grill Cover Consumer Reports [Best Overall]

2. Homitt – Best Grill Cover Consumer Reports [Budgeted]

3. Unicook – Best Heavy Duty Barbecue Gas Grill Cover [New Design]

4. Kingkong – Best Grill Cover Consumer Reports [Loved by Consumers]

5. Ravenna – Best Water-Resistant Grill Cover [Water Proof]

6. Grillman – Best Premium BBQ Grill Cover [Best Selling]

7. Kingkong 7106 – Best Cover for Weber Spirit [Lightweight]

8. Classic Accessories – Best Water-Resistant Grill Cover Consumer Reports [Economical]

9. iCover 600D – Best Grill Cover Consumer Reports [Best Quality]

1. Veranda – 58 Inch BBQ Grill Cover Consumer Reports

Veranda 58 inch - BBQ Grill CoverIt looks lighter than black grill covers, so some shoppers prefer this option. You’ll be able to match it better to your outdoor setting if it has that color. This color is not only effective at hiding dust and other debris, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing.

Synthetic materials are used to create a cover that prevents water from entering the grill through the polyester’s back. In that material, no carcinogens or toxic substances are present.

  • Provides waterproof protection with a polyester exterior and laminated backing
  • Easy to use and adjust with padded handles
  • Hides dust and stains with a light, neutral color
  • Classic Accessories also makes other covers that match
  • Grills of all sizes and types are not compatible
  • Is usually short-lived

The grill cover is padded with handgrips on both sides, so you can hold it comfortably while using it. Grill covers like this one allow you to use Weber, Spirit, and other top-quality grills. We can help you complete your outdoor space with stylish outdoor furniture covers from Classic Accessories.


2. Homitt – Best Grill Cover Consumer Reports

Homitt Gas Grill - Best Grill Cover Consumer ReportsThe Homitt cover can be applied to most gas grills and is a great choice for a large grill you keep outdoors constantly. You can cover your grill with this cover during the long winter or when it is left outside in a hurricane. There are near all the protections you’ll need in this product, and it’s easy on the wallet.

It has a 48-inch length and wraps around your barbecue grill on all sides. The design of that structure prevents animals from climbing inside. Furthermore, the fabric is dark and won’t fade even after constant exposure to the sun.

  • Pros:
  • High wind resistance
  • A strap and handle are attached to enable mounting on the grill
  • The product is backed by a 60-day guarantee
  • Simple to use
  • A cover that fades faster than others
  • Fits some Weber grills, but not all

The attached straps ensure that the cover is windproof as well. Straps and handles allow you to attach it to your grill, and you can take them off when needed. This cover is backed by a money-back guarantee and a no-questions-asked 60-day guarantee.


3. Unicook – Best Heavy Duty Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Unicook - Best Heavy Duty Barbecue Gas Grill CoverA Unicook BBQ grill cover makes an excellent value pick when shopping for a gift. Snow and rain aren’t going to stop the grill from working well with leading grill brands like Weber and Nexgrill thanks to its sturdy waterproof material. This model meets the needs of charcoal and gas grill covers.

Further, the fabric has a fade-resistant quality that means that it won’t fade in the sun for many years to come. It hangs close to the ground compared to its competitors and is connected loosely to the grill. Besides the 1.5-inch straps, you can also fasten the grill cover to your grill in order to lock it in place.

  • Weber is just one of the top brands it fits
  • Fade-resistant and waterproof fabric
  • Installs using fasteners
  • This bag has straps on every side
  • Smaller grills may not fit
  • There can be a small leak of water

The 90-day guarantee is a welcome feature. If you find any defect you can claim the guarantee. The Quality of the product is much superior to the other competitors.


4. Kingkong – Best Grill Cover Consumer Reports

Kingkong - Best Grill Cover Consumer ReportsWhen it comes to grill covers, this set by Kingkong that includes other accessories offers decent value. The grill temperature can be tested using this device, and the brush provided lets you clean it easily. The grill comes with tongs for flipping and removing ingredients.

These grill covers fit specifically over Weber’s S and E series grills without overhanging fabric. Because its top and sides fit loosely over it, the grill is well protected from the elements when covered.

  • A money-back assurance and a full warranty
  • Includes tongs and a thermometer, as well as extra grilling accessories
  • Sun-resistant, crack-resistant, dust-resistant, and waterproof
  • Not compatible with all Weber grills
  • Covers are more likely to tear than others

This cover is dust- and UV-resistant as well as water-resistance and crack-resistance. You can adjust the fit of the grill cover using the Velcro straps. The product also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty.


5. Ravenna – Best Water-Resistant Grill Cover

Ravenna Grill Cover - Best Water Resistant Grill CoverThere are Ravenna grill covers available as well from Classic Accessories. Weber models II and other models of similar size can be fitted by this medium-sized model. With a classic black color, this cover will prevent debris from clinging to the surface. A lifetime warranty is also offered by Classic Accessories.

The materials used for these covers are heavier and they are also more durable than others. Its unique coating protects it from UV rays, so it is not damaged by exposure to the sun.

  • Warranty is limited to lifetime
  • Protects against water damage by including a laminated backing
  • Features blacking color that conceals dirt and other damage
  • The bottom is elasticized. You can adjust it as you need
  • Compatible with a limited number of grill models
  • Over time, parts can begin to fall apart

Water cannot also enter the cover because the backing is laminated. The grill is protected from being wet by the pool of water on top of this backing.


6. Grillman – Best Premium BBQ Grill Cover

 Grillman - Best Premium BBQ Grill CoverMany products are produced by Grillman, such as this BBQ grill cover, which is well known among BBQ enthusiasts. Brinkmanns, Char-Broils, and Webers have burners on the side or top that can be used with the clamp. Its 58-inch length allows it to cover a larger area.

Due to the heavy-duty material used and Oxford lining, this cover is waterproof during any storm or rain. As well as being water-resistant, the material is UV-resistant and tear-resistant. Whatever you do or how rapidly you remove the cover, you will not damage it.

  • An attached strap ensures a snug fit
  • Both sunlight and tears won’t damage this bag
  • Warranty is limited to life
  • When exposed to the sun, it quickly fades
  • Despite what you see online, it is thin

The grill cover has several loops and hooks that you can use to secure it to the grill. To ensure that the straps will hold during high winds, they can be tightened as necessary. Grillman offers a lifetime limited warranty for this cover.


7. Kingkong 7106 – Best Cover for Weber Spirit

Kingkong 7106 - Best Cover for Weber SpiritIf you have a Spirit 200 or 310 from Weber, the Kingkong 7106 grill cover is perfect for you. These grills are the only ones for which it was designed. Its rugged design will protect it from damage caused by storms, such as wind and rain. UV rays are also not absorbed by the cover.

Velcro straps make it easy to get a precise fit, and the cover that comes with it has a more streamlined design than others. The sides are easily pulled down and slid over the grill when the sides are lowered. They fit snugly and do not move when adjusted.

  • BBQ accessory set includes multiple items
  • A perfect fit is guaranteed with Velcro straps
  • The Kingkong manufacturer offers a threeyear warranty
  • Some Weber grills and others will not fit
  • Within a few months, leaks may develop

As a bonus, the accessories are included, so it’s a great value. As well as tongs, this set includes a grill brush and tongs for adding and removing food. As well as a thermometer, the set includes a thermometer that is used for perfecting meal temperatures.


8. Classic Accessories – Best Water-Resistant Grill Cover Consumer Reports

Classic Accessories - Best Water-Resistant Grill Cover Consumer ReportsYou will know exactly what dimensions this medium grill cover measures because Classic Accessories gives you the dimensions. The grill will be covered if it fits the specified dimensions. Weber’s Genesis II grill and all models sold under its E-310 line are identical in length and width to this grill.

The cover can be returned if it doesn’t meet your needs within a year for a refund. At the bottom of the cover, there is an elastic loop that wraps around the wheel hub, legs, and base of the grill for a better fit. Additionally, they prevent the cover from being ripped off by the wind.

  • One-year limited warranty included
  • Stability is increased by elastic loops
  • Provides protection from the sun and other environmental conditions
  • Fits only certain Weber grills
  • Dark black color fades to pale gray color

Moreover, shoppers appreciate air vents that prevent condensation from accumulating on the grill by reducing the wind blowing onto it. It doesn’t matter if it rains, snow has a bit of dirt on it, or if it’s sunny because the material of this cover is weather-resistant.


9. iCover 600D – Best Grill Cover Consumer Reports

iCover 600D - Best Grill Cover Consumer ReportsDesigned for those who regularly grill and enjoy entertaining guests, these covers by iCover 600D are the perfect addition to any grill. The 58″ size fits most standard grilles, and it takes very little effort to wear and remove. It is easy to use and fits most standard grilles.

Grills with up to four burners do not need to be protected by it, but the grill top does. A cover such as this can be used safely on grills from popular brands like Char-Broil and Holland.

  • Three to four burners gas grills can fit the 58″ size
  • Durable, dust-proof, UV-resistant and weather-proof
  • Designed to cover a larger area of your grill
  • Cleans and maintains easily
  • When exposed to sunlight, they may fade
  • In colder climates, this product may not be suitable

A rip-resistant cover such as this is rare on the market, which makes it desirable for families with pets and children. No matter what happens around the grill, you won’t have to worry about the cover ripping. The cover is also resistant to dust and UV rays, in addition to being weather and water-resistant.


How to Choose the Right Grill Cover?

The size of the grill cover should be the most important consideration when purchasing one. It is important to check the dimensions and not only their width and length. A grill that reaches the ground will keep your grill from being exposed.

Consideration should also be given to the type of protection. Is there a way to keep your backyard animals from the grill that includes a grill cover? What does it mean to be waterproof or weatherproof?

A weatherproof grill cover is a good choice for most homes during the off-season since it will keep snow and ice off. The most popular choice of cover for BBQ lovers is one that does not need to be moved each time it rains.

It is important to consider how easy the cover is to use. You can pull the sides of a good grill cover down to completely cover the grill. Moreover, those handles make it easier to take off the cover when cooking.

Our buying guide offers a few tips for selecting a grill cover. A selection of other articles worth your time will be presented alongside our top choice.

Final Verdict:

Our pick for the best grill cover is Veranda 58 inch BBQ Cover.  The material used for this cover provides resistance to UV rays. Thus, your grill will not fade when exposed to natural and artificial light sources.

It will work with your current pellet grill, and it may also fit others you buy in the future. There are Weber- and other top-brand grills compatible with it. It can easily be draped over the grill and removed after cooking since it has handles on both sides.

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