Best Foot Massager 2021

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Best Foot Massager Consumer Reports

Are you looking for a budgeted foot massager to relax after a full working day?  The best way to relax your feet is to get the best foot massage. Getting a massage also relieves tired feet. However, massage is expensive, and planning ahead is needed when getting them. A foot massager for relaxation at home lets you enjoy the best foot massage whenever you feel tired.

Spending less money and time on expensive massages as possible. The length and intensity of the massage can also be customized. Home foot massagers should be chosen carefully. We did hours of research and after texting more than 20-foot massagers pick 10 Best Foot Massager. Generally, most designs are similar. Massage devices come with a variety of features, as well as prices. The price of advanced foot massagers tends to be higher than that of basic models.

Best Foot Massager in 2021

It is important to research all the various features of the foot massager before buying it, so you will know which ones are most important. A plan as per your needs can be selected if your budget allows for it.

1. Shiatsu Massager – Best Foot Massager  [Best overall]

2. NURSAL MD – Foot Massager [Consumer Choice]

3. Shiatsu – Best Consumer Choice Massager [Lightweight]

4. Belmint – Best Foot Massager Consumer [Modern Massager]

5. Marnur – Consumer Reports Best Foot Massager [Consumer Reports Pick]

6. Human Touch – Best Massager for Foot [Human Feel]

7. AREALER – Best Foot Massager  [Extra Features]

8. InstaShiatsu – Best Foot Massager [Affordable]

9. Miko Shiatsu – Consumer Reports Best Foot Massager [Budgeted]

10. Nekteck – Best Foot Massager  [Commercial]

Below, you will find the 10 Best foot massager reviews

1. Cloud Massage Shiatsu – Best Foot Massager

Shiatsu - Best Foot Massager Consumer ReportsThe foot massage machine from Cloud Massage is best to relieve tired feet, and legs. As a result of using Shiatsu massage techniques, you’ll achieve similar results as a massage from a professional massager.

It allows you to relax with kneading movements as you receive a deep massage. It can help reduce the pain of any kind and fatigue in feet and legs, regardless of whether you have chronic foot problems or tired feet. The unit has multiple pressure and heat settings.


  • Adjust angle easily using the angle bar

  • Deep kneading is effective in pain and stress

  • User-friendly and simple to use

  • Price is slightly higher

  • Machine has noticeable sound

The foot massager is also capable of massaging the legs especially the lower legs. Aside from relieving pain, it helps combat fatigue. The massager has a variety of settings and modes, so it is a great choice for massages at home.


2. NURSAL MD – Foot Massager in 2021

NURSAL MD-50230A - Foot Massager Consumer ReportsIt’s easy to massage your tired feet with multiple actions with the Nursel MD-50230A Massager for feet. An auto system timer controls how much massage you receive. It can work for 10 or 20 minutes.

NURSAL’s foot massager soothes tired feet which improves blood flow. Heat can be very soothing for all who have spent the full working day on their feet and needs a little extra help to be comfortable.


  • Various modes and functions
  • Simple controls and use
  • Small in size
  • Vibration function is not available
  • Not good for special heel care

It is extremely user-friendly and versatile. Three different timers let you decide what is a good massage length for you. In addition to the heating functionality, this foot massager features multiple massage intensities.


3. Shiatsu – Best Consumer Choice Massager

Shiatsu Foot Massager - Best Choice MassagerIt is easy to control Shiatsu Consumer Choice Foot Massager settings while relaxing with their remote controls. Furthermore, this massager is more affordable than most others because it’s smaller.

Best Products foot massager offers four pre-massages plans and three modes. Its small size makes is portable and to store this device after massage.


  • Three modes: manual, auto and personal
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • User friendly massager
  • Not ideal for calves and lower legs
  • Slightly louder sound

Men and women can benefit from the best foot massager.. Several modes are available when using it. Moreover, you can adjust the setting using the remote control included.


4. Belmint – Best Foot Massager in  2021

Shiatsu Foot Massager - Best Foot Massager Consumer ReportsThere are a number of foot problems that can be treated by using Shiatsu foot massagers from Belmint. In addition to treating plantar fasciitis, chronic foot problems, and neuropathy, massaging your feet can help with several other problems as well.

Its compact and lightweight design distinguishes it from other models. Heat therapy will be a welcome relief after a tiring day of walking. Massagers can be activated with one touch.


  • Best for quick relieve
  • Lightweight and easily store
  • Can use in office also
  • Intensity not adjustable
  • Not ideal for sensitive feet

You can even add heat to the massager’s features to make it a more relaxing experience. It is easy to manage since it automatically stops working after a massage of 20 minutes. The compact size makes this stool ideal for use at workstations or other cramped places.


5. MarnurBest Foot Massager

Marnur - Consumer Reports Best Foot MassagerShiatsu foot massagers from MARNUR use kneading pressure so as to reduce pain. The rolling feature of this machine works in addition to its massage feature to alleviate the discomfort that may result from different foot problems.

As the massager combines heat and kneading, it is similar to a massage you would receive from a professional massager at a massage parlor.

To provide maximum relaxation, there are many ergonomic foot massage nodes in this unit that can target pressure on different points on your feet.


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  • Automatic off after massage of 15 minutes
  • An overheat protection system protects the unit from overheating
  • Double compression on  insteps and also on ankles
  • Neither the lower leg nor the calves are worked
  • Size 10 shoes and larger are not recommended

By rolling your feet with an air compressor, you can get a relaxing massage with the Shiatsu massager. Many people are able to select a massager that has four levels of intensity and heat functions.


6. Human Touch – Best Massager for Foot

Human Touch Reflex-4 - Best Massager for FootIt massages well, as it is an excellent purchase for anyone suffering from pain especially calf pain. Because it has a handle, you can transport it easily.

Non-skid bottoms on the underside of this massager prevent it from moving while it is in use and also prevent damage to the flooring underneath.


  • The machine can be stored compactly when not in use
  • Massage can be mimicked in different ways by different types of massage
  • Choosing the best settings is easy with the control panel
  • Not for persons with ankle injuries
  • No separate Massage for feet and legs massage

This foot and leg massager was developed by Human Touch. The massager can be used on any surface. After a full day of walking, you can relax with this machine’s many motions and relieve some of the pain you’ve been feeling.


7. AREALER – Best Foot Massager

AREALER - Best Foot Massager Consumer ReportsFor home or office use, the AREALER is perfect. Get a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home with this massager. Although it is small, it still offers full functionality.

AREALER foot massagers work in deep kneading motions to relieve chronic and acute foot pain. The tool prevents ingrown toenails and calluses. A variety of foot massage modes are available to suit a range of needs.


  • Cover that can be washed in the machine
  • Overheat protection is provided for the unit
  • We are able to move it around the house easily because it is lightweight
  • Shoe sizes up to 11 are accommodated
  • It is not primarily focused on

The AREALER foot massager has a variety of modes and functions, so it can help you relax your feet. It comes with a heat option, as well as a remote control that allows the massage settings to be altered easily.


8. InstaShiatsu – Best Foot Massager

InstaShiatsu - Foot Massager Consumer ReportsInstaShiatsu Foot Massagers can relieve pressure and pain. Choosing the medium intensity will allow your feet to feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

With an Instant Shiatsu massager, you receive a professional-style massage experience at home. This product also has a heat function in addition to relaxing and relieving any kind of pain.


  • Rolls and kneads deeply
  • Your massage is available in three modes and three intensities
  • You can turn off the heat feature
  • Like other massagers, does not target the heel
  • Having large feet may be uncomfortable

It can soothe your feet and relieve pain. It is equally good at home, outdoor and at work. Thanks to its user-friendly control panel, you can in a flash change between its various features and settings.


9. Miko Shiatsu Best Foot Massager

Miko Shiatsu - Consumer Reports Best Foot MassagerThe Miko Foot Massager’s multi settings let you choose the level of relaxation you prefer. This massager includes a heating function if you need it for cold feet.

It won’t stand out against your decors, but you can’t miss this charcoal gray massager. By using shiatsu nodes, one can achieve a full foot massage in a short period of time.


  • Massager is portable and compact
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty
  • Two chambers independently massage each foot
  • Heel and also ankle are not specifically targeted
  • Airbag massage motions may be aggravating to some people

Miko offers a foot massager whose massage and function can be selected by the user. It is possible to set the volume through the remote control of the unit.


10. Nekteck – Best Foot Massager

Nekteck - Best Foot Massager Consumer ReportsNEKTCK Foot Massagers provide soothing relief from tired feet with infrared heat. Six massage heads with a total of 18 massage nodes are included in this foot massager for a comprehensive and stress-free experience.

This massager offers three stages of height adjustment, making it an effective and versatile piece of equipment. It will be possible to relax during your massage. The heat feature is great for relaxation.


  • Controls and operation of the unit are simple
  • Everyone can adjust the height to make it comfortable
  • The feet are soothed with the heat feature
  • Massages the soles but not the sides
  • There are fewer operating modes in this unit than others

Necteck’s portable foot massager is designed with a sturdy and compact design to make it easy to store or carry on the go. Due to the presence of infrared heat in this device, massages are made more relaxing. The bottoms of the feet have a total of 18 different massage nodes for high effectiveness.



It can be valuable for money to invest in the best foot massager if you book regular massages. When you have a foot massager at home, you don’t have to schedule an appointment or plan ahead to massage your feet.

You can find different ways to use foot massagers at home. Some of the options are quite expensive, while others are considerably cheaper. People who have extreme fatigue or pain in their legs might use foot massager, but people without such problems can choose a more basic model. Following are the 3 top-foot massagers we shortlisted.

  1. Shiatsu Foot Massager is top on our list because of its features and modern design. It is portable and easy to clean. Some of the pro features of the shiatsu foot massager include an LED screen, remote functionality, auto mode, and many other features that make this device an ideal choice.
  2. Cloud Massage Shiatsu is second on our list. It is ideal for the relaxation of tired feet and legs. You can call it a complete massager for feet, ankles, and calves. The Price of Cloud Massage Shiatsu is a budget-friendly device as the price of foot massager is on the lower side.
  3. Human Touch Foot Massager is third on our list. It is a Massager for feet, calves and to relax the whole body. You can release your whole body with the marvelous foot massager.

You may be able to determine which massager is good for you by obtaining objective information about massagers offered online.

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