Best Fireplace Insert for 2022

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Your home can be heated in many different ways. The type of heater you need will depend on whether you need to heat one area of your home or the whole house. Any room in the house can be fitted with an electric fireplace.

There are several of them that can be moved around the house and don’t require much installation. In comparison with wood-burning fireplaces, they require no maintenance and are easy to operate. Despite not producing the same level of ambiance as a fireplace, they can create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Best Fireplace Insert Consumer Reports

You will find my article about Best Fireplace Insert for 2022 very helpful in your shopping experience because we tested 25 fireplace inserts and selected the 10 best fireplace inserts for you.

10 Best Fireplace Insert

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles and sizes. The size you choose for your home may depend on the square footage of your space. There are some fireplaces that need to be assembled, but most come fully assembled.

It is essential that you read the instructions that are included with your fireplace in order to ensure there is enough room to mount it and to clear the wall and other items in your room. An electric fireplace list has been compiled by Consumer Report.

1. Valuxhome – Best Fireplace Insert

Valuxhome Houselux - Best fireplace insert consumer reports

The product requires the installation of an existing fireplace in order to work properly. The height and length of this unit are 21 inches and 36 inches. Several settings allow you to adjust both the timer and the heat based on your preferences.

It can be installed without chimneys or vents, but the fireplace insert is still easy to install. The front hot vent of this heater allows it to heat up to 400 square feet.

Adding heat to a living room, a bedroom, or a family room has never been easier with inserts like this.

  • Easy to install
  • Operating at a low energy cost
  • Featuring 3 light colors for a customized look
  • There is no visible lighting on the fireplace’s digital thermometer during use
  • Installation of a fireplace with a non-standard size may require some adjustments

It is possible to install electric fireplace inserts into existing fireplaces without vents or chimneys. A heat setting and flame option are available. You can also simulate the sound of wood burning by playing crackling sounds on the fireplace.


2. Duluth Forge – Best Dual Fuel Fireplace Insert

Duluth Forge - Best Dual Fuel Fireplace Insert Consumer ReportsDuluth’s product uses natural gas or propane. This model is smaller than its two other siblings, with a smaller coverage area and lower heating power.

Gas fireplaces are perfect for warming up small areas since they operate without vents. The fireplace uses an electronic ignition system that is battery-operated.

The unit is available in two versions, one with a remote control and the other with a thermostat. Unlike remote control, with the thermostat control you can adjust the temperature of the unit to your liking at your convenience. You can switch between manual and thermal mode as needed to do so.

  • Work perfect on Natural gas and Propane
  • Ideal for small areas
  • Quality of the product is supreme
  • Not good for Big size rooms
  • Thermostat Control without remote control

Duluth designed this product especially for small size rooms. It works perfectly and is also easy to install. If you are in search of a fireplace insert for a small room then this product is ideal for you because we tested this product in detail.


3. PuraFlame – Best Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Alice - Best Electric FireplacePuraFlames Alice 40” Recessed Electric Fireplaces can add a touch of warmth to any room in your home. We can connect this fireplace either directly to your electrical system or to the wall.

PuraFlame’s fireplace lets you enjoy the look of real flames without the hassle of maintaining and cleaning a wood-burning unit.

The flame can be lit in 4 different ways: low brightness paired with yellow light, all yellow, both yellow and blue lights, or just blue lights.

  • Remote controlled
  • Enhances your space’s coziness by giving a realistic look
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It weighs more and is larger than other
  • Depending on the distance or angle, the remote may not work

The fireplace, available in different colors with rocks and flames, will provide a beautiful glow and a charming appearance for your home. You can install the fireplace on a console or on an existing fireplace. You can choose whether to use the unit in the winter or the summer.


4. Duluth Vent Free – Best Fireplace Insert

Duluth Vent Free - Best Fireplace Insert Consumer ReportsThe Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Fireplace is a great option for you if you want a classic looking fireplace. There is a choice of finishes for the mantel on this fireplace.

A fireplace is powered by liquid propane or natural gas. In addition, the unit’s temperature can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference.

This unit covers a 1500-sq-feet area with 32,000 BTU, which is quite impressive. Wall also has two fire guards that protect residents from direct fire contact. The blower fan, hoses, and connectors on the unit, as well as the absence of hoses, are some of its drawbacks.

  • Duel Fuel
  • Perfect for 1500 sq feet area
  • Easy to Install
  • Good Quality
  • Price is slightly expensive

Duluth vent free fireplace insert is ideal for large and big size rooms as it can easily cover upto 1500 sq feet area. It provides you with a dual fuel option. This is a supreme product. We test each and every aspect of this unit and find it the best Fireplace insert product.


5. Touchstone 50 – Best Electric Wall-Hanging Fireplace

Touchstone 50 - Best Electric Wall-Hanging FireplaceA trendy modern fireplace, this Touchstone Electric Wall-Hanging Fireplace has a white facade.

A wall-mounted fireplace can be installed anywhere there is an electrical outlet and sufficient wall space.

Touchstone’s wall hanging fireplace is a beautiful focal point for large walls. You can save energy by not using gas or other methods of heating it, since it uses LEDs to produce realistic flames.

  • Heating capacity of 400 square feet
  • For flames, there are 5 brightness levels
  • Timer is built-in for convenience
  • A large area is required for installation of this unit
  • If you are installing it next to a TV, you need some clearance

If you have a living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home, you’ll love the modern ivory color of this electric fireplace from Touchstone. A simple screw can be used to mount this product on the wall.


6. Napoleon VF Series – Best Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace

Napoleon VF Series - Best Vent Free Natural Gas FireplaceThis is the best gas fireplace on the market and is truly a durable, premium product. It uses natural gas and does not require external venting, so it is easier to install than those which do. It covers approximately 1,400 square feet with a BTU rating of 30,000.

It looks like a pan with a burner on top. Using this method, the area is heated quickly. In addition, the unit is equipped with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), which shuts it off in case oxygen or CO levels are not sufficient.

A realistic log set, adjustable heat, and quick on/off switch are also included in this fireplace. There are many cons as well, including the steep price and lack of trim kit and louver kit.

  • Premium Product
  • Covers upto 1400 sq feet
  • Easy Installation
  • Supreme Material
  • Lack of trim
  • Price is high

If you do not have any issue with the price of the product then this one is ideal for you. It will increase the beauty and comfort of your room. This product is on top in our list which we developed after testing the 10 best fireplace inserts.


7. Touchstone 80014 – Best Electric Sideline Fireplace

Touchstone 80014 – Best Electric Sideline FireplaceTouchstone 80014 Sideline Electric Fireplace is a sleek and beautiful electric fireplace. It looks magnificent in any room in the house.

Electric fireplaces must be mounted on a wall. This can be mounted flush against the wall in either a recessed or surface mount configuration.

Touchstone offers this fireplace with two heat settings. Through the vents located above the front area, heat is distributed throughout the room.

This fireplace, which is 36-inches wide, is an excellent choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms.

  • Heating up to 400 square feet
  • Contains a remote control that lets you make adjustments from your couch or chair
  • It is possible to adjust the brightness of the flames
  • Large open spaces cannot be heated with this method
  • If you have no DIY experience, mounting can be challenging

A wall-mounted fireplace can be installed almost anywhere since room and clearance are plenty. This heater is ideal for heating small to medium-sized rooms all year round thanks to its two heat levels. It is also possible to adjust the brightness of the flame.


8. Empire – Best Fireplace Insert

Empire Direct-Vent - Best Fireplace Insert Consumer ReportsEmpire Tahoe Deluxe Unit is one of the most reliable and efficient direct vent gas fireplace inserts on the market, so if you are looking for one, you should consider buying it.

This particular model is a very energy efficient heater and can quickly heat your room without using a great deal of fuel. Because it measures only 16 inches deep, this unit can be installed in tight spaces as well.

Empire Fireplace can be easily turned on and off by using the millivolt control.

Although it’s a good fireplace, you won’t find many upgrades, such as a remote control or upgraded louvers, with it, so don’t expect to get them.

  • Energy efficient
  • Fast fireplace insert
  • Easy to install
  • Not suitable for all users

Empire is also one of the modern day fireplace inserts. If you are looking for a normal sized room then this will be a perfect choice.


9. PuraFlame – Best Fireplace Insert

PuraFlame - Best Fireplace Insert Consumer ReportsThe 26″ Electric Fireplace Insert is a high-quality product designed for use in existing fireplaces. For this fireplace to work, you will need one of your own.

The fireplace from PuraFlame uses LED technology to heat, so you won’t have to worry about your utility bills being affected. It comes with a realistic ember bed and lifelike resin longs.

LED technology is used to heat up the room of this electric fireplace unit from PuraFlame. The unit features logs and embers that glow to resemble a real fire. An existing fireplace could be fitted with it or it could be built into a console.

  • Controls the level of heat electronically
  • Useful year-round for heating and for watching the flames
  • It comes with a remote control for easy setting adjustments
  • Large rooms are difficult to heat
  • You can feel the heat coming off the heater


10. Lifesmart – Best Large Room Fireplace

Lifesmart LifePro - Best Large Room FireplaceLifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace gives you radiant heating throughout your entire home. With this device, you can quickly heat up a small to medium-sized room.

A hot water heater also uses infrared heat to prevent any extremely dry air from forming inside the house.

The heater from Lifesmart allows you to heat your house without any of the drawbacks associated with wood or gas fireplaces.

Portable, this unit can be moved from room to room as you please. Wood cabinets like this one are classy and perfect for your home.

  • Provides convenience with remote control
  • Heat-resistant and heat-and-cool
  • Thermostat inside allows to choose ideal temperature
  • Some heater fans are louder than others
  • Heating takes longer with smaller heaters than larger heaters

Your house’s air won’t be dried out by the Lifesmart infrared heater. Heating is focused on a few people and objects rather than the entire room. It comes with casters so it can be easily moved around your home.


What Is A Gas Fireplace?

The gas fireplace is actually a stove that takes the form of a fireplace. A real wood fireplace is embedded in a wall, whereas most models do not. Further, a conventional chimney flue built into the house does not permit the gases from combustion to escape.

The gas fireplace is still known as such, since ducts are used to exhaust smoke from these types of stoves. There are a variety of marketing strategies used by manufacturers when it comes to gas fireplaces and stoves. The appearance of gas fireplaces and stoves differ greatly, as gas fireplaces look like conventional fireplaces or pellet stoves and gas stoves look like any other type of stoves.

Gas fireplaces sometimes have open fireboxes that are rectangular, attached to metal tube conduits similar in design to those found in wood fireplaces. In contrast, the gas stove has an enclosed firebox that runs through a duct. Fireplaces with gas fuel work as fireplaces that are connected to ducts.

How Does A Gas Fireplace Work?

Wood is the fuel used in conventional chimneys. Fuel for the fireplace is gas, so wood is not needed. Similar to a gas cooktop, it operates similarly. Sparks are generated inside a chimney via a burner that ignites the gas.

This allows the user to control both the intensity of the flame and the amount of heat. Fireplaces with gas usually have a thermostat that adjusts the flame intensity automatically. A ceramic log fireplace can replicate the look of a real wood fireplace while not burning out, which is a great benefit for those who want the charm of a real fireplace. In the combustion process, combustion fumes are vented by ducts, such as chimneys or stove vents.

Different Types Of Gas Fireplaces

There are different types of gas fireplaces. Open and closed fireplaces are both present. A fireplace without a glass door is an open fireplace. These fireplaces are usually integrated with a conventional fireplace, but they are also available as stoves.

Since it uses the flowing flames to full effect, it is very attractive. Nevertheless, the performance is much worse, as well as the fact that some of the fumes can permeate the housing.

In contrast, the fireplace with a closed door has a window. Compared to the previous solution, this one performs much better. Closed fireplaces are more efficient than open ones because they use less fuel. It is also safer to have small children.

Then I distinguish

How To Choose The Best Gas Fireplace Inserts?

Choosing the right fireplace depends on a few factors. Previously, you were given the choice between an open fireplace and a closed fireplace. Modern models usually feature an enclosed fireplace. A higher return is therefore more economical and has the advantage of offering a higher return. The glass is also protective, especially for young children.

It is also necessary to route the gas. To connect your chimney to the natural gas network of the city, you should connect it to the natural gas network. If this solution isn’t possible, you have other options:

You can choose a gas fireplace based on the type of chimney and installation:

Are gas fireplaces used primarily as auxiliary heaters or primary heaters?

If the room is large, gas or wood fireplaces do not provide adequate heat. Although gas fireplaces can produce both convection and radiation heat, they are generally used for emergency heating.

Due to the fact that it is not a boiler, the chimney cannot serve the heaters with water. The heat from a gas fireplace can spread to several rooms when some of it is recovered through ducts. In cases of low temperatures, either electric or gas central heating is necessary.

Summing Up:

If you’re looking to purchase a gas fireplace insert, you’ll find several options available as well as the best price. You should carefully examine the information before making a decision. We tested 10 Best Fireplace Insert and our 3 best products are as follow:

Valuxhome Houselux is a best budgeted fireplace insert. If you want a fireplace which will not cost you more than 300$ then this one is perfect for you.

Duluth Forge is ideal for small size rooms. It has supreme quality products and especially designs only for small rooms. If you are looking for a fireplace insert for small rooms then it should be your choice.

Duluth Vent Free is ideal for a large room. If you are looking for a fireplace insert for an area more than 1400 sq feet then one is the perfect fireplace insert for you.

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